Or at least that is what seems to be the case. As every other industry is looking at lessened numbers and fewer employees – the online gambling industry is increasing all the time. In fact, with several of them releasing their financial results this week, they are expected to show nice profits over what they have been doing.

Many of the online gambling companies have already said that their interim results are actually much better than even they thought they would be. Many said that they knew they were doing well midway through, but when the final figures came in they were pleased to see that they had underestimated what they could really do.

Netent casinos are those online gambling companies. According to the investment bank Dresdner Klenwort, the online casino will post half year profits in excess of $2 million. This is a 20% increase over the same time last year.

Their revenue is coming in at $137.6 million for the interim. Their online casino accounts for 38% of the group’s revenue, which is double what it was last year.

Bookmaker Paddy Power has its own online gambling operation and they said that they were about to report amazing results. In fact, they said that they were doing so well that they were looking to add to the number of shops they already had. This was a goal they have had set for a later date, but with revenues being as good as they were, they will be able to do it even faster than before.

If you are at all interested in online gambling and would like to see it legal someday, then you are going to want to vote for Obama. McCain seems to follow the Republican right and has not said that he would be willing to legalize it in any form, but Obama has.

But we must be clear – in that Obama has not said that he supports online gambling either, but he is a Democrat and they are gung ho on taxing online gambling. Let’s face it, you can’t tax online gambling unless you are willing to legalize it, so you stand a better chance.

This means that by taxing online gambling, they are going to have to regulate online gambling, which means they are going to have to legalize online gambling – which is good for all of us. But we may not have to wait as long as we think we might have to.

With California looking to make online gambling legal within their state, and Nevada kicking the idea around as well, it is only a matter of time before the state’s decide one by one if they are going to have legalized online gambling or not. California has already done the research and is well aware of the benefits that legalizing online gambling will have for their bottom line.

Experts say that with California looking to make it legal, and Obama not really being against it, that online gambling could be legal within the next three years if he wins the presidency. If McCain gets the seat, chances are it won’t happen until after he leaves office.