Oh boy, this is gon na, be a tough, so today We’re gon na be taking on the impossible task of naming the top 10 best four night players of all time, and this list is gon na, be a little bit different because I’ve seen a lot of Lists that just basically lists of ninja and ala, a and more Everything like that off of popularity and not necessarily skill level, and that is what I’m gon na try to do here today, And I know it’s gon na cause some controversy, ninja fans – Please don’t hate Me and well, to be honest, There’s nothing left to do, but just to get into this list so coming in at number 10 We have Nick a 30 know. Nick is known for his insanely fast building and in my opinion He is the third best builder on this list of 10. Watching him play is like an art form. He knows exactly When to etic. He hits it every single time.

He never has to go back. Rillette it anything or never, messes up his edits, he’s always on point with his shots. Really really. A Fantastic player has huge huge win, streaks every single night when he streams, And he is just absolutely absolutely a beast that deserves to be on this list at the number 10 spot.

Oh, my god, Oh you’re, not getting away that easy bro now, while most of the best players do arguably play on PC. Nic mercs is the exception To this list and he is the only console player who is making it in this list for his insane, And I mean this Insane play on ps4. He holds many Many many records across the board for the kill records. The win records the win streak records, Basically anything that you can think of in a fortnight record category He has probably held the record. And/Or has the current record at some point.

He Absolutely tears it up on console. He out plays pretty much every player. He comes across and it’s amazing to see him and his squad communicate So well, so a big shot to his squad as well, because a lot of this is Is in part due to them just being such a great squad together and his team. But my goodness, the man himself is just absolutely worthy of this number 9 slot. Now coming in at number 8, We have the man the myth, the legend dakotas now DK Has solid aspects of almost every part of his gameplay.

He has solid building, really really solid. A our shots, great shotgunning super super accurate, But where he Excels and where you know the name from, and why you always have to be careful when you’re in the same lobbyism is His snipe. So this man hits more Snipes per game than most people do in their entire fortnight career. It’S absolutely insane to watch him play. He has fantastic prediction.

Skills hits people over the smallest window of opportunity and is just Absolutely a beast at fortnight. We love watching him play. I love watching him play and Just just check out some clothes wrong. Oh My god, there’s so many of them dude! Oh My god.

Oh my god. I got ta monitor Coming in at number seven. We have the captain of the phase pro team phase cloak see.

Now this man is absolutely insane at Basically anything he does, But what he really really excels at is just smooth all around knowing what to do playmaking And then just hitting his shots when he gets there. This is a clip of him inside of a basement of a building, And I cut it off a little bit at the end because there was some dead time, But this is him getting just just watch just watch it. I have nothing to say just watch the clip Now coming in at number six.

We definitely have the Most underrated under washed streamer on this list, and this is Jo mock. Now, in my opinion, Watching jmx play for about a month. It is apparent to me, It says who the fuck do you think you are like? Look at those dumbass eyes, fucking kill yourslf. He knows where the walls are being placed so that he can just flip back place the wall jump onto it and move on before You even understand what he just did.

I I cannot comprehend half of the stuff he does, But it’s so incredible to see because he comes out on top every single time. It always has a purpose for it Just watch this clip of him in a build-off. Oh a nice. Oh, damn He’s actually took that shit like with nothing.

Next up, we have a huge favorite personally one of my favorite players to watch play because he does not stop moving forward, always holding Down that W key it’s Daquan now Daquan is the best shot gunner in the game. In my opinion, He is easily the most aggressive player that always always works out for him. He hits every single shotgun shot. He takes. He absolutely destroys with any gun he picked up, but of course he prefers those shotguns He’s reinvented the fortnight meta of shotgunning.

More times than I have even won a game: Well, maybe not! Okay, anyway, that guy is, is he’s just insane. It’S insane to watch him play his aggression is unparalleled and I absolutely think he deserves this number five SWAT and I You got this shit. Fucking live for this shit. Well, Canada’s 40 now coming in is it Now coming is the tie for number five, because I accidentally wrote two different people as number five on my list.

I actually have 11 people on my list. That’S a major yikes, but we’re gon na go ahead and put them as a tie for number 5. We have high distortion now. High distortion is easily one of the best solo squad players. If not the best solo squad player on tour tonight, I watched this man Warm-up on solo squads.

Solos are too boring for him because he just runs over everyone. The only way he ever dies in solo squads Is if he runs out of ammo or basically two teams pinch him. That’S the only time I see him die. He basically clutches out Every single fight that I see him take it’s absolutely insane to watch these. Some of the highest kill games I’ve ever seen, not only in solos at solo squads as well and just just watch some clubs. Man He’s insane Later bitches whoa, but I got him.

You guys figured You guys figured Now coming in at number four, the man the myth, the legend one who needs no introduction whatsoever myth himself. Now myth is the Best decision maker in the game. Now I did say that Jo Mac was the best builder in the game. I do stand by that. I do think this is the second best easily easily, And I mean the difference between second best and best is so so small anyway, But he is the best decision maker in the game. That’S why he’s the captain of TSM I’ve seen some of their gameplays?

They make such Smart decisions in their game, They don’t push things recklessly, yet They don’t just sit back and just camp. They play things so so well in their competitive games And I’ve seen it this man playing solo. He is the smartest player. He is patient when he needs to be, he is aggressive, But he needs to be and he has the best game sense in the game Like he he’s just a just.

So it’s amazing to me that every single one of his decisions Works out. Even if it’s the exact opposite of the one that I would pick, obviously you guys have seen so much a myth, But let’s just be a little bit more. Let’S go baby Now coming in at number. Three is another player on the TSM pro team, and that is Hamlin’s. Now this clip right here Accentuates exactly why I think Hamlin’s is so good. Look at the creativity on the building and getting a better angle at the player.

Rushing you! It’S only him that I see Inventing these new strategies, these new ways to kill people absolutely one of the best Players in the game. I had just to be specific third, fourth, third best player in the game. He hits his shots consistently. He builds Extremely extremely well. He wins almost every single solo game that he plays Wow still being extremely aggressive.

He pushes every fight, He kills every single person He goes up against and he plays insanely well, and so those quads as well so definitely definitely earned this slide. Hamlin’S at number. Three Go So this is the part where I’m going to get blasted by you guys, but just keep in mind, I’m just a guy. I just have an opinion and if you guys have a different one, I would love to hear it in the comments and obviously both well, But I am putting ninja as the number two best player in all of fortnight. I think that he’s only number two by just a small fraction and that’s just based off of Super high kill records and a lot of other stuff that I will go into for number one, but for a ninja There’s nothing. You could there’s nothing.

I can tell you about this guy that you guys don’t already know he He it’s like he plants, everything out on a sheet of paper, Writes down, comes out with every possible scenario, picks the best way to approach every single fight And then and then execute it Perfectly perfect shots perfect building. Everything about his play is Absolutely like stellar, but he plans all that out. He does everything in a split. Second, It’s like he’s his brains on steroids And his his Mouse is just I don’t know it’s incredible to watch a play. He has the best clips in fortnight.

I don’t think anyone else. I think if this is based off of coolest clips of all time best plays. I think that ninja would be number one, but as for overall player, He is definitely the most deserving number to play ever. I love ninja and he definitely definitely deserves a slot. Now, before we go on to number one, I have some quick honorable mentions craft YZ space, Lian, Kamil’s, Avery blind, dr Liu Pro cipher, PK and scissors.

I think all deserve to be on here. In addition, all of the pro players that haven’t really been noticed yet I know there are a lot of pro players that play a lot that are insanely good at the game, But they just haven’t had their lucky breakthrough on their YouTube videos on their streaming And They definitely deserve to be on this list. I think everybody deserves to be on this top 10 list that I have mentioned, and probably even more that I haven’t even watched or know about, but it’s just so impossible to know everybody to see everybody, and especially especially to order everyone. So I’m gon na go ahead and shout out all those people as well as incredible players. You guys should definitely check all of them out And pretty much just support any four-night content creators because we’re all we’re all playing the game, We’re all having fun together.

But without further ado, Let’s get onto number one now getting onto my personal number one player in the entire World that is tea food now a foo is the solo world record kill holder with 29, kills in a solo game. Now, obviously, There’s been a lot more than that in squads, and everything like that by the way, his His personal solo versus squad to kill record, which means he’s the only one on his squad He goes in is 36 kills, which is just, I think, too shy Of the world record, which was attained on ps4, This man is, is the embodiment of fortnight. I’Ve watched him play for a long time. Now.

I picked up a lot of stuff from watching history. He has absolutely the most insane shots. His shotgun is literally on point and just in a way that I don’t Understand how you hit Every single shot that you take.

If you guys have not watched this guy before, you Probably think I’m just talking crazy, like how can anyone be better than ninja, But there are so many times where I’ve just been watching and then just been like wow. This guy is the best for tonight player In the world. Only the best player in the world could pull off what he just pulled off.

I can’t I can’t explain to you guys How amazing his gameplay actually is. He actually beat ninja recently in a 1v1. I will say it wasn’t fair at all: ninja had like 60 health, he had 150, But he still outplayed the high ground, outplayed the RPG launch pad it away And then got the position on him and killed. Him is he’s just such an amazing player.

It’S incredible! Well there, It is everybody, the actual top 10 fortnight players list. In my opinion, Let me know what you guys think in the comments down below once again Reorder that list make a completely new one. I would love to see it And I would love to check out some new people because I’m always trying to improve my game. I hope you guys are always trying to prove yours. I hope you guys saw at least one new streamer that you can go.

Watch check out or look at their YouTube videos and try to improve on your Game as well. Thank you guys so much for watching. I really really do appreciate it be sure to leave a like. If you got this far – And I will see you guys in it in the next video peace out, everyone