What a great second day of spring, it’s nice to stay in! So let the gaming wireless headset battle begin hello, good people, I’m Dimitri and if you’ve been considering getting a wireless headset, you have come to the right place because behind me I have razor Logitech, SteelSeries, Corsair and HyperX. So, let’s see which one is best right after this, it’s always a pleasure upgrading or adding new hardware to your system, especially when it comes to storage. Like this new OC, ZTR 200 drive from Toshiba, it’s a great value.

Ssd offers a nice boost in performance for boot, times, file, transfers and just general system and work operation with cutting-edge 3d flash memory and ultra reliable controller with built-in power management consider the upgrade today with TR 200. It’S available in different capacities check it out below this work, see no wires. It’S amazing! Oh alright, guys! So, let’s begin this one’s gon na be one epic roundup. If you want to check out individual views of the headsets that we have done, reviews of they’ll be linked in the description and also that’s where you’ll find links to purchase any of these bad boys and to smooth out your viewing experience.

The timecode for this video will be pinned in the comments, so let’s go alright. So, let’s start with the price under $ 100, we only have two pairs: the Corsair Void Pro Wireless RGB and the Logitech G533. Stepping up under $ 200 we’ve got the SteelSeries Arctis 7, the Logitech G933, the Razer man o war from 2016, and the new HyperX cloud flight is up here too at $ 159 and if you’ve got really big bucks to spend the Razer Thresher ultimate will shred. Help yourself with some casha for a great headset here: https://uscasinosguide.com/casino-bonus-codes/

Your wallet for sure, but not as much as the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless, with that a little bit of an insane $ 329 price. Now before we dive right in leave your predictions on. Let’S say who will win the headset roundup in the comments below and then come back to it after you’ve seen the conclusion now I normally don’t talk about packaging but of course the cult will appreciate the recognition plus they’re, the only ones to have plastic covered. The velvet material I do like Corsairs approach to simplified packaging and HyperX flight with all the cables right at the surface, whereas a steel series buries all their accessories and tiny boxes and logitech is the only one to have their headset wrapped.

Now the number of accessories kind of follows the price point they all charge via micro, USB cable, which is included with each headset, along with some derivative of a USB dongle, so either a thumb, stick style or the extension style. So you can expand your reach or close the distance between the headset. Now the Thresher ultimate comes with a hub since it’s a ps4 Edition. So that’s where you plug in the optical, cable and charge the headset through the hub as well.

A plastic headphone stem is included with some clothes resemblance to this Imperial shuttle from Star Wars, not sure if that’s intentional or not, while the most expensive pair, the Arctis Pro Wireless has all the cables and double the batteries and the control hub. That’S also your receiver and a charging dock for the removable batteries. So if you want a simplified wireless setup or are traveling want to minimize cable work, all the pair’s with the simple USB dongle would obviously be more convenient. So, like the void Pro the HyperX cloud flight, both large tech pairs and the Razer Man o war, that has a tiny receiver actually built-in into the ear cup. While on the logitech g933, we actually have a specific compartment inside the ear cup to store the receiver, but for those that do not have any compartments, you can simply tuck it away inside the ear cup like this to safely keep the receiver with the headset now Build quality varies between these headsets significantly and it doesn’t necessarily follow the price point either.

The most robust pair is the still series arctas pro also being the most expensive, with the quality, metal, headband aluminum hinges and everything just feels awesome. The only problem is, you cannot expand them because they rely on this self adjusting fabric piece and the same goes with the Arctis 7. But these have plastic hinges which are a little bit more loose and weirdly following after that would be the coarser void pro, which happens to be also the cheapest pair. They are nicely balanced weight, wise metal hinges are not to lose and they feel like they can withstand some unnecessary force like if they drop from a table, or you know, if you flip them across the room.

The microphone, though, feels cheap. You know the actual arm. Might lose resistance over time? So that’s the only negative.

I do like the lightweight nature of the HyperX flight. The hinges feel fine, but you have to be very careful with an all-plastic body and that seems to be the compromise for these because they’re super lightweight. So that’s a positive and they kind of feel like that bose noise-canceling headphones too, but when I’m stretching out them on the sides, the plastic stretches too, so just have to be careful and be cautious of their built quality. The logitech g933 comes next with the robust plastic body that does not creak all over the place. The hinges are not too loose and the extension mechanism stays in place they’re a little bit deceiving with this metallic surface, but it does play on your perception of it.

Feeling, like a high quality, build the Razer Thresher ultimate is quiet light thanks to the thin metal, headband and plastic everything else. The hinges worry me a little bit, but they shouldn’t have any issues with supporting the full weight of the headset. The only thing that bothers me with the Thresher are the hinges and their corners are super sharp. So if they’re around your neck, they could cut you Northcutt true, but scratch you and the same thing. If, like you put your finger there, while you’re taking them off, it’s not a pleasant experience, unfortunately, the worst build quality goes to the Razer man o war.

They are bulky. Plasticy hinges are super loose and actually have a history of the middle headband piece breaking because it’s not well attached and also the Logitech G533. They just feel super cheap and the hinges have absolutely no control. So the ear cups just wobble all the time, and this headset has glossy sides.

If you like that, dirty look and the only quality element is the expansion mechanism. What this is going on right now now before we completely give up on headsets that have really subpar build quality. I want to say that throughout my testing with these, there is a balance between you know: build quality, sound quality, comfort, value features, and so it’s kind of like a mixed bag. There is no perfect headset in ass lineup and that’s a bit unfortunate, but just keep that in mind for later in the video and so now, let’s move on to comfort.

Majority of these are awesome lightweight, so you can wear them for hours until the battery dies and to no significant clamping force for any of these. So my favorite would be the HyperX cloud flight with fantastic ear cup isolation, extra interior padding and they also expand for larger heads, no problem and fold on your neck. In this nice low profile, both logitech pairs have large and deep cushions awesome fit over all the G933 has smooth air padding all around while the newer G933 has this harsh bathing suit material that are super and pleasant on your skin, both of them fold in your Neck, which are a little bit chunky on your ear cups, but not uncomfortable seriously, so this is the 533 hear how the sounds I could shower with this.

You know substitute my spongebob sponge sponge versus the 933. You may not hear the difference, but I definitely feel difference. The 933 is much smoother. The 533 is way harsh, like sandpaper on your skin, which is super unpleasant by the way when it’s right by your ears now the void Pro has angular cushions.

So the cover my ears very well with nice pressure distribution to they fold in this non choking slim profile on your neck. The round cushions on the Thresher ultimate are fine. They are large and will cover your entire ear. Clamping force is pretty weak to avoid pressure. Buildup but heat concentration is present and, despite being the largest headset in this round up default on my neck, just fine without any mobility issues, the men-of-war headset has the same round ear cup design, but a tighter fit and less comfortable headband, with more pressure from the Top and because they fold on this angle, keeping them on your neck is really uncomfortable.

Now the artist Pro Wireless comes with deeper cushions and slightly expanded headband versus the Arctis 7, but since they’re not really size adjustable, it won’t be comfortable for larger heads and both of them like to choke you when placed around your neck, the Arctis 7. More. So because of the tighter headband, and so the 3 oddballs would be the 2 SteelSeries headsets and the razor Man O War, something because the razor one has problems with the headband and it’s not really comfortable when they’re on your neck.

While the SteelSeries is perfectly fine for smaller heads, you know they’re okay for me as well, but I wish I had a little bit more expansion at the bottom so that I could bring them down a little bit more. If I’m wearing hat or something like that. But because they choke you when they’re around your neck, you know if you wear them around your neck and since they’re wireless, it’s kind of like a perfect thing to leave them on your body when, even if you’re not listening to something there’s a little bit unfortunate With the SteelSeries Arctis Pro and the Arctis 7, the HyperX flight, oh man, what a comfortable design for on your neck, just lovely, moving on to features. Each headset has a power button and mic mute, switch and the volume wheel and only the razor pairs. The avoid Pro and the Arctis Pro have precise steps for volume all other have terrible control. The G933 has three G keys for macros, like changing your EQ settings, lighting or whatever else, and both SteelSeries pairs include a headphone share port, which is quite unique.

The Arctis 7 has a dial for chat mix to balance voice versus in-game volume, while the Arctis Pro is the only headset with dual wireless connectivity with bluetooth support, so letting you connect this to your notebook or your smartphone, without the need for a USB dongle. Now the hub with the Thresher ultimate is bare-bones in terms of control, just the power button in the front and the Dolby surround sound that I don’t understand why it’s hidden in the corner, while the hub on the wireless pro lets. You control your EQ mic side tone chatmix.

Basically, it’s a driver, free experience that is appreciated and you have all this control, even if you connect it to a ps4, alright, so microphone test time. So what you’re hearing now is that from the Arctis Pro Wireless being the most expensive one? How do you think that one sounds now? It’S clean, there’s no noise when they stop speaking, but the thing is it just sounds like there’s way too much compression going on as it tries to cancel out whatever is in the background. So next up is the cloud flight.

I think this one has really aggressive noise compression tries to just like really mute the background, and that causes the voice to be muffled, not the best sounding microphone in this collection and just like lacks definition, and it’s not as sharp as the other pair that you Just heard what you’re hearing now is that from the Logitech G933, this is the oldest headset in this collection, and I think it sounds the worst as well. It just doesn’t have much background compression or any focal compression it just like. It picks up way too much ambient stuff and doesn’t help to isolate just the voice and the voice doesn’t sound that great either so um. What are you gon na do? Luckily, the new g5 33 definitely sounds much better. It still exhibits a lot of background.

Like noise and hiss, despite the trying to cancel that out, but the actual vocal range is much improved versus the older g933, the Corsair void Pro is next, so this one has really aggressive noise compression and tries to like really cancel out anything. So you will have these spikes in terms of volume in terms of your speech. So if you’re not speaking loud enough, it will just completely cut that out. So it’s not as powerful, because it has that really aggressive noise cancellation. The next one is the razor Man O War, which is also one of the oldest ones in the surround of, and it also sounds pretty bad.

You can see it’s very Boomy, it doesn’t have clarity in the voice and it does have really good like noise compression in terms of the background stuff, but yeah it just in terms of the vocal pickup. It’S not pleasant. Unfortunately, the updated razor had said does not have any improvements in the microphone quality. It still sounds very booming.

There is a you know, aggressive background compression too, but the vocal definition just completely is lacking in comparison to everything else in this roundup and finally, the SteelSeries Arctis 7. It’S weird because they all sound the same in terms of how much compression there is for the vocals, not just for the background and there’s trying to compensate for that. You know I’m guessing for like the keyboard switches and typing stuff, but it really destroys the any vocal definition and range that you might expect from an actually decent microphone like the microphone on the Sennheiser game.

One. It’S been my go-to headset for games, because the microphone is just so good lots of body to the sound there’s, no, that nasally compression that we hear on all other gaming headsets, not just on this wireless stuff that we’re testing today but yeah. This has been my definition of like a reference quality microphone on the gaming pair. So let me know if you agree so based on that mic test, which one sounded best to you. I think the worst one would be the G933, which is also the oldest one. The Razer pairs have that nice lower end boost, which is booming.

Well, the rest of them can sound the same. They all will kind of have this nasally compression going on in the background, so I’m not exactly sure which one wins. So you, let me know, okay, so in terms of sound performance, they all deliver really powerful output in terms of volume. So that’s not really an issue, but they do have pretty different sound characteristics.

So, if you’re looking for the best surround sound experience, hands down either of the large stick pairs both create this large soundstage experience without compromising important details with incredible imaging. I like feeling the audio cam like in front of you, and not just in your headset and even in stereo mode. You get amazing definition, powerful bass, control treble on both, and it’s really unfortunate that the 533 is so flimsy, because the sound and surround sound is just fantastic and adds extra points to this headset. Overall, the next in the chain would be the HyperX cloud flight, with a lot of definition, precise bass, heads and smooth treble, and definitely one of the best within this roundup, the Corsair voice.

Pro Wireless are satisfactory with balanced output, it’s more closed off compared to the HyperX, for example, but with good detail, presentation and bass. That’S there without overstepping its boundaries. Now the sound signatures between the SteelSeries headset is completely different. They both have awesome, detail and really tight bass, but the Arctis 7.

I prefer more because on the Arctis Pro while is the sound stage is slightly expanded and the treble is brighter, which I prefer less and this the Arctis 7 is like overall, a more fun signature for me, both music and games, and, lastly, that two razor pairs Are the most powerful out of the bunch at 60 % volume? I was totally comfortable in terms of power output. Now the razor thresher has super harsh travel beyond 60 % volume to the point of me needing to like lower it. In order to hear anything, and regardless of this upper boost, it lacks mid-range definition and bass has left the building in comparison to everything else. That’S on the list, while the men of war has a smoother treble and a more pleasant, sound signature in comparison to the thresher, but both these would be fantastic for FPS, where you can hear every little detail and you don’t care about the rest of the spectrum Range, you know where you want just the really sharpness to hear everything so perhaps for competitive stuff.

That would be fine, but I’m guessing everyone, who’s be spending money on the wireless gaming. Headset doesn’t want to be just listening to FPS stuff, but you want an all-around, sound signature that would be compatible for both music movies and games, and, I would say, the razer stuff isn’t ready to par for that in terms of the wireless signal. All of these in my space are perfectly fine. I am able to walk around the space, go six meters away with a few walls in between, without losing a signal and without hearing any quality loss in audio. So, in terms of battery life, I think the SteelSeries Arctis Pro takes the win easily because of these interchangeable batteries, because one of them is constantly charging inside the doc.

So you just simply swap them out when one dies and you never have to plug it in to charge the headset versus all others need to be plugged in for charging, whereas the large tech stuff. I really appreciate the battery percentage indicator in the software, so you know exactly how much juice you have left and you have to plug them in versus the rest of them in like the Corsair, but the Corsair stuff would give you low medium or high in terms Of battery life, whereas the razor thresher has no software, so you cannot even check the battery life. Everything else can last two days and then you have to be recharging and so, depending on how much you use, I think I would go for about maybe 10 hours of listening a day for most of these no problem, and I would have to recharge it a Little bit on the third day, so that gives you a little bit of an indication on how often you need to recharge so maximum. I would say 2-3 days, unlike good heavy use with any of these, but still the Arctis Pro, because that removable battery easily wins the battery test. Alright people. It is conclusion time – and I will give you a few of my favorites first, the HyperX cloud flights.

So they’re super comfortable. I can wear them for hours, they have amazing isolation and sound quality is incredible. They are driverless, so you don’t have to think around stuff it just it is what it is, but it is a bit expensive at the hundred sixty bucks, so it slightly cheaper options where the cheapest option in this roundup would be the corsair void pro at $ 80, i’m overall impressed with this. The only crappy thing is the boom arm for the microphone. It feels kind of flimsy and cheap, but in terms of comfort, sound quality range and battery life really good stuff. As long as it turned off the RGB you’ll be fine.

The game for at least two days, but my surprising pick, would be the oldest out of this bunch. Logitech g933, not exactly sure why large tech went ahead to replace the really good material that they’ve had there with something that is from a bathing suit. On the newer models, but here the sound quality is incredible for Wireless and like really powerful, not punchy, but like really tight bass, really good detail. You know treble not too harsh.

The microphone quality on here is actually the worst out of the bunch, but as long as my teammates can understand me, I’m fine – and this is the only headset ever which I’ve actually enjoyed surround sound with. But it’s awesome, and this would be like a really good, dedicated gaming headset. I definitely want to give SteelSeries a shout out with the Arctis 7.

I think this is the better headset versus the Arctis Pro Wireless and, if you guys want to see a complete head to head, let me know in the comments below, but this one sounds better to me and I don’t really care so much about the the really Big hub there with the interchangeable batteries, so to me this would be a better value and it’s significantly cheaper. The only thing is: Steelseries have updated the padding and the actual headband on the pro to be a little bit more comfortable versus the Arctis 7. Now, in terms of the razor stuff, it’s good to see they’ve changed the design of the thresher to be a little bit more distant from the Man O War.

So it’s more durable, but in terms of sound quality I feel like they went a little bit too much on the brightness, like it’s a really sharp headset, so if you’re into that, definitely check them out in terms of the fit it’s one of the better. In this collection and the man o war surprisingly still sounds pretty good for being a 2016 release, it’s only the the frame itself is really bad and you can up online as to why the top headband just keeps breaking, because the design is not exactly the best, But the raiser section here you know: if you want to maintain loyal, then the Razer thresher would be my recommendation, alright guys, so that is it for this epic roundup. Let me know which one of these you would pick if you are on the market for a wireless gaming headset in the comments below, as always, make sure to subscribe and follow us on social media check out this other relevant content and also don’t forget to let Me know which one of these sounded the best in the microphone quality, because to me the kind of all sounded a little bit the same with one of them a little bit poor. I can’t think with so many headsets on me guys, I’m Dimitri thanks.