From Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida, this is Poker Night in America. [MUSIC] Welcome to Poker Night in America. I’m your host, Chris Hanson. In the world of poker, balls and bravado can be as much a part of the game as bluffs and bad beats. It can be difficult to keep your composure at a table full of tough guys, especially when some of those tough guys are ex-military.

But poker has a way of way of being the great equalizer. Whether they lose their cool over a big pot or fall victim to some strategic needling, sometimes the bigger they are the harder they tilt. Let’s get to the table and see who keeps their composure tonight. All the players buy in from five to $20,000. Dewy Tomko buying in for 5k, Shaun Deeb in for 20k, and when you’re playing no limit hold em at these stakes, the money can go pretty quickly. Just ask Shaun Deeb.

>> All in. >> Call. >> Ace high. >> You got aces don’t you?

>> Yeah. [LAUGH] >> I knew that right away. [LAUGH] >> When he turns them around I say ace low. >> Did you slow roll him? >> He tried. >> I tried.

>> I mucked as soon as he said ace high. >> I said ace high so dejected. And he knew right away.

>> And in the next hand, Matt Glantz took another huge pot off of Shaun Deeb and Eli Elezra took his spot. >> All right. Ship it. Ship it. >> I thought you said two flops. >> Hey, hey, you know, I’m quitting, okay?

[LAUGH] >> This is not, this is second. >> And then there’s Dewy Tomko who lost the rest of his 5k buy-in when they decided to do a $2500 flip. That hand was won by Eli Elezra, and so both Dewy Tomko and Shaun Deeb are gone from the table just like that. And taking their place, are Mike Laake and Eli Elezra. >> Not when there is that many of us. >> There’s only three, there’s only three, there’s only three non Jews here.

>> I know that’s what I’m saying, so we have. It would be, it would be wired if we only picked on the others. >> The straddle is on again and this is our first look at Matt Glantz tonight. >> I’m gonna stop making them Jewish jokes.

>> I think Gavin can take it. >> 300 with his pocket tens. >> Hm? >> Till he, till he swings. >> Who?

>> He doesn’t hit that hard. He hit me, like, three times today. >> Laake calls of fives.

>> You hit me when we were playing paintball. You hit me and you backed up a couple steps after you hit me [LAUGH] and I was still standing there. >> I punched you? >> Three different times you punched me. >> I’m not gonna, I didn’t punch you like trying to hurt you. >> You punched me once outside of the hotel, before we got there.

>> Yeah but only for fun. [LAUGH] >> You swung pretty hard. >> Fun funsies.

>> And then you hit me at the paintball place hard enough that after you hit me and I didn’t move you stumbled backwards two steps. >> Well I was drunk. >> And look at this David Levi’s got jacks, he raises thinking I’ve got to get rid of some of these guys. >> You think that it’s not true that you punched me?

>> I don’t remember it. >> I would bet on it being true because he’s done it to me. [LAUGH] >> I would say that, I would say that it, it, I, I, I did not, punch you to a level where I was ever trying to hurt you. >> Yeah, it wasn’t a malicious punch. It was a Gavin love punch. >> Right.

I would say that I would punch you harder if I was gonna try hurt you. >> You’d probably punch me in a different place if you trying to hurt me. >> Well either way I’m still going to punch you harder if I was actually like trying to punch you.

>> I think you just said you hit like a girl. >> I, I mean I’m not that strong. [LAUGH] >> I mean I’d probably lose the fight to every one of your guys but I promise your all gonna know you were in one. >> I don’t think you’d lose to everyone here.

I think maybe you’d beat everyone except for two people. >> No. >> I’d lose to these two, for sure. >> Well. >> They’er both in the freaking Israeli Army. They’re nuts.

I don’t want no part of either one of these two, I promise you that. >> So Levy’s gonna take his jacks up against two players. And we have 5k in the pot as we go to the flop. >> I don’t care [BLEEP] push-ups.

Push-ups doesn’t mean you can take a punch in the face. >> It means, it means you’re strong. >> Levi playing passive, checks his jacks. >> I get super confused for a second, did I tip you for the new one?

I did! >>Glantz is going to step into the opening and he bets twenty four hundred. >> Jared. >> Yes, sir?

>> You don’t need to be like that, buddy. >> What do you mean? It’s the only way I can be. >> I think Eli’s the toughest guy at the table. >> It’s possible. >> I know the last time I.

>> I think you might be right just because he didn’t flinch or look up when you said that. >> Hm? >> Since he didn’t even look up for second when you said that I think it’s probably accurate. >> Yeah.

He was in the Israeli army for a while. How many years did you do in the Army? >> Four. >> Four years. How many did David do?

>> Three. >> Says he’s, he’s 25% tougher than. >> No, no.

When you’re an officer, then you have to do another year. >> Oh you’re bragging about being an officer now? Name dropper. >> Hot boss. >> What was your highest level?

>> Lieutenant. In the meantime, the parachuter is in a, on the a big hand, he, he flopped three kings. >> I wish.

>> He’s a paratrooper? >> How would flop land like this. >> Really? Was he ranked higher that you? But he jumped out a perfectly good airplane, that seems stupid to me. [LAUGH] >> I wouldn’t do it.

>> Right. >> I wouldn’t do it. >> I’m never doing it. >> You can barely get me on the airplane itself. >> You know when you start the Army in Israel you started when you’re 18.

Right before, when I was 17, I knew I’m gonna go to Golani. It’s like the Green Beret over here. The whole year I put some, you know, big bags with sand on my back and run around Jerusalem. And I was in the best shape that I could have been.

I was in the Lebanon War, and I was an officer already, a Lieutenant in the Lebanon War and twice, I almost died over there. One of them, my tank got hit. And the other one, I’ve been shot. But, you know? Every knife and some grenade, but they didn’t touch me. And, right when all this happened.

It was three weeks that I got wounded in my arm, in my leg and I was in a cast. I needed to be at least three to four months on the cast, so I went and got a visa to the United States. The story in Israel was oh, when I make my first hundred thousand, make my first million I go back.

But I mean, you are in America the best country in the world, you know. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online.

>> We’ve been seeing some pretty big pots so far tonight. Let’s see if that trend continues as return to the table at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. >> He didn’t like it. >> When? >> In the summer, during the world series. >> What did I tweet?

>> You, you said something like, now that you are, guys are separated. Is she available? [LAUGH] >> Oh yeah. >> That wasn’t cool. >> He did not like that at all.

>> Poker Night in America brought to you by 888 Poker, where the world plays online. >> That’s funny. >> That’s not funny.

>> It’s funny. >> What did you do to him? >> How touchy it is, is what makes it funny, though. >> He.

He, got divorced. So, I said, well hey. Do you mind if I hit on her now? >> And he didn’t like that.

>> On Twitter? You asked on Twitter? >> Yeah. >> Public forum seems like a good place.

>> Seems weird. >> Seems like a good venue for that. >> I mean, she’s, what the [BLEEP], didn’t think I’d see you limp? >> Alright, I’m gonna check this out. >> And both of the blinds are gonna fold.

And now back to the dirty, dirty, limper. >> So hard to kill that mother [BLEEP]. >> Never seen anyone treat you like that, Noah. That’s weird, you must shocked. [LAUGH] >> Yeah, I’m in awe. This is, this is really demoralizing.

>> Don’t know who you are obviously. >> Before you had the braces they wouldn’t let you play the whole day. >> That was like, what? What just happened? >> If he hadn’t been sitting there knitting it up all day. >> Dude, dude, have you seen the live stream, bro?

Did you, did you see the deuce four of spades for all the money? >> You and Jared Jaffee are in. >> You’re gonna give all that to him. >> You got the live stream on right here. >> How in the world am I out? I’m just actually, in.

>> Noah. Noah, you and Jared Jaffee are out. >> We missed all the hands. >> It’s absurd. I’m the best action here. >> Don’t you wish you were Jonathan Jaffee instead of Jared Jaffee?

>> 100. Everyday. [LAUGHING] >> Everyday.

>> Yeah, but he. >> The queen of diamonds gives Richardson the flush. But also, gives the nut flush draw to Porter. >> That’s got. >> I think, he’s okay with his height. >> Yeah, he’s probably all right.

>> Yeah. >> Yeah, he probably wished he had a few more inches, but he doesn’t need to be as tall me. >> I was gonna find a way to slip that needle in, but it didn’t matter.

You beat me to it. >> I got ya? >> Yeah. >> Porter also has the Royal Flush draw. Haven’t seen one of those, yet, on Poker Night in America. >> It will be Gavin to a needle.

>> I’m overbearing, I, I, I’d just jam in there with my needles. >> Part of your charm. >> David those are nice glasses buddy. [LAUGH] You ever heard of a thing called lasik surgery? >> And a re-raise from Porter to 2800. >> It’s not bad enough.

>> Seems that would be the time to do lasik if it’s not that bad. I mean those glasses are that bad. The only thing worse than the glasses is that hairpiece you wear.

>> DId it get crooked when he was doing push-ups? [LAUGH] >> That’s why he had to go to the restroom. Straighten up the toupee.

>> And a call from Richardson hoping to survive the river, with just a 5, 3 of diamonds he may have made the flush but he’s probably not all that comfortable with it. River’s a three of hearts. >> Check. >> Well, we’ll find out now if Richardson likes that flush. >> How much for one card?

>> How much for one card? >> $10,000. You understand what he asking for one car in the middle of the hand. He wanna see it now.

>> He wants to see one card now. >> Yeah. >> I know. I understand what he’s asking. I’m trying to decide. I’m gonna go with $10,000, I have to defer to the senior statesman.

>> Call. >> Alright, you win. >> Now Eli just [BLEEP] you.

>> Drop it. >> Yeah. [LAUGH] >> Alan, why did we waste all that time? >> You wasted so much of our [BLEEP] time. >> Why are we wasting time, Alan?

>> Give us back our life, Alan! >> And you’re kicking me out of the game? >> Give us back our life, Alan! >> This is a slow roll, okay? >> Jes [BLEEP]. >> What a waste of time.

>> It’s. Wow. >> Let’s kill Alan. [LAUGH] >> It’s like in the CFL. Like, like, T. J. Cuchay went and played in the CFL. >> Yeah.

>> Because he had a Canadian passport. And could get a lot more, get a lot more money for, for learning to see if it will not be counted as an import. >> Glantz with Ace Jack, to $300. >> No, they pay the natives more. >> Well, it’s not that they pay them more, it’s that they don’t have to use up one of their imp.

>> Oh, they have a certain number of exemptions. >> Yeah, right. >> I see. >> Pocket aces making a cameo appearance here at our cash game. >> Yeah? I put a fist in your face.

>> Right now they are sitting in front of Noah Schwartz and he re-raises to $950. >> Counting on getting punched right? >> No. No.

>> All these players buying in for a minimum of $5,000 and a maximum of $20,000. Elezra calls, suited connectors. Glantz the initial raiser in the hand is gonna fold. >> I think you should go back to law, I think you’d be a good lawyer. >> Ugh, no thank you. >> So you’re nev- >> What?

>> You’re never gonna use your, your. >> No. >> Why? >> It’s too late now.

>> W,w,what do you mean it’s too late now? >> Elezra makes a pair of fives on the flop. >> It’s too late to go back to law.

>> So what are you gonna do? >> I dunno. I’ll come work for you. >> I need a dealer. >> Okay.

>> You running a club up there? >> Well, you know, you’re not supposed to talk about [BLEEP] like that on national television, but perhaps. [LAUGH] >> It’s in a different country where, oh, no you’re in Alaska now. You’re from Canada, right? In Canada it’s all right.

>> You’re, you’re wearing the 907 Poker hat. >> I know, it’s cool, hey? >> Yeah. >> Wow, this is gonna be a really bad beat for Noah if he loses this pot and then still gets kicked out of the game. [LAUGH] >> King of spades on the turn. Eli checks.

Schwartz hoping to survive, here comes the river, it’s a deuce. Eli checks. Well, now Schwartz has to make the decision. Does he want to bet on the river or does he want to check and hopefully just scoop the pot with his aces.

And he elects to bet his 2,500. Eli with just a pair of fives. And a call.

I’m surprised that Eli paid him off. Eli must have had some sort read and it didn’t go his way. These players all buying in with cold hard cash and Schwartz just scooped up over $10,000 of it. >> That’s how good I am, I put him on Ace, Queen.

Make you a deal. You don’t go anywhere and we’ll bring you more Poker Night in America. Closed captioning is brought to you as a public service by Poker Night in America. Thanks for coming back to Poker Night in America.

I’m your host, Chris Hanson. Let’s get back to the poker. >> Are you related to him? >> I am not. >> He’s way better than you, by a lot. >> He’s actually better, way.

>> Well, I’m better. You’re about a mile off. >> Way better than way better. Way better than way better. [LAUGH] >> You don’t have that by a lot. >> Way better than way better, my friend.

>> He’s better everything except for being called. We established this earlier. >> Yeah. >> Now, the thing is, Shaun Deeb was pretty sure, he’s much better than you. What do you think about that?

>> At what? >> I think he’s willing to bet that he’s, you know, class book at anything, I think he’s. I think Shaun Deeb thinks he’s better than you at every form of poker. >> But in Jared’s defense, Shaun Deeb thinks he’s better than every person in every single form of poker. So, that doesn’t really mean much there. Yeah, so.

>> He also thinks he’s smarter than me. >> You gotta realize. That’s kind of important in this bet. >> He’s not smarter then you? >> I think it’s possible, but, I would bet against it. >> So you’d beat him in an IQ test.

>> I think I would. >> Would you beat Rep in an IQ test? >> I don’t know how smart Rep is, he looks like a smart guy. >> What do you think? Would you beat Noah in an IQ test? >> Yes.

>> Would you beat David in an IQ test? >> See I don’t know. I can only talk about people I know. >> If you know what your IQ is I’ll tell you whether, you’d beat me or not. >> I don’t know.

>> Would you beat me in an IQ test? >> Absolutely. >> Do you know what IQ means?

>> No, I, I would not, yes I would beat you up Gavin, but that’s only because you’ve killed so many brain cells. If you were fresh I would have no chance. [LAUGH] >> I haven’t been fresh for 25 years.

>> Okay. [LAUGH] >> If you were fresh. [LAUGH] >> Ah, I haven’t been fresh in a long time.

Would you beat Matt Glantz in an IQ test? I’m not sure. >> How can you be so sure you would beat me?

I, I, I don’t think, Just’ cause you have a. >> I, I, I said it simply because. >> I, I have two degrees also. >> I said it simply.

>> One of them being in finance. >> I said it simply because it was you. >> Huh? >> I didn’t say it, like, for any reason other than to get a rise out of you.

>> No, I understand. >> No, I think he thinks he’s smarter than you. >> Okay.

>> No, I think Noah’s smart. >> I’m richer than him. >> He is. I know that. >> You’re richer than everybody. We found out you’re richer than everybody.

>> I may think I’m smarter than Noah, but Noah knows he’s richer than me. >> Will you beat Eli in an IQ test? >> In what? >> No.

No, I don’t know. I don’t, I can only say if I know the person. >> I bet you Eli’s got a pretty high IQ. >> Yeah, I be, I believe that. >> Eli’s just decorated a soldier.

A Las Vegas businessman. >> Yeah, he’s, he’s a, he’s a man of, he’s a Jack of all trades. Poker shark, entrepreneur, lieutenant.

>> When did this turn into the Eli Elezra admiration hour? >> I can keep, I can keep going. >> Plus he’s pretty damned good looking. >> What, what is the- >> Handsome, yeah. >> After the. Dinner, how long?

>> Four hours, I think, or three hours. Three or four hours, something like that. >> For three hours? >> Three or four hours. >> All together? >> All together 36.

>> Call. >> A re-raise from Laake to 3600 and Levi quickly calls after he find out the amount. >> What’s going on with Shawn Sheikhan these days?

>> You ever see him? >> I haven’t seen him, no. >> He’s doing ok. >> Is he, is he >> Is he in Sarasota or is he back in Vegas? >> Vegas. >> And the turn, ten.

>> That’s sneaky, Alan knows everything that’s going on with everybody. >> I do stuff with him. >> Levi also has a gut shot straight draw and if he wants to see anymore cards it’s gonna get very expensive. $7100 is the all-in from Laake.

And he’s got Levi covered and Levi calls. So a big draw and a small draw for Levi they’re going to run it twice. >> King queen of hearts? >> First one to a set of fours. Second one to a set of fours. >> Eli, I had nine seven of hearts.

>> No way. You save it, oh, no you didn’t save it. You, you win. >> No, I- >> You win half. >> I win, yeah, well.

I wouldn’t of ran it twice so, I would of lost. >> You fold nine seven of hearts pre flop? >> No I lead the flop. >> And he raised and he called.

>> You got me. >> I’ve played more then 5 hands today though. I’m tight. I’m tight. What do you want from me? >> We’re back to the action as it looks like Levi has vacated his seat.

>> I see, to who is that and muck it. It doesn’t meet my early, early position of requirements. >> I don’t know why he didn’t get on the flop. >> David?

>> Yeah. >>Yeah, I don’t know why. >> Porter raises with Ace King. >> Where we going for dinner?

We going over to Matty whatever, going over there again? >> They’re closed today. They’re closed today. >> Jaffee calls from the small blind. >> Danielle and some of the other guys are, people are going to Hooters. >> And a fold from the big blind, so we’re heads up with Porter and Jaffee.

>> Does Murphy’s have food? >> I have no idea. I know that they invited me. >> Both players catch here, Porter’s got top pair, top kicker, Jaffee’s got middle pair. >> Yes, I can invite whoever I like. >> Okay, again am I invited?

[LAUGH] >> I started with yes. And then I said, I can invite whoever I like. >> I know, that’s why I. >> Porter bets 350.

And a call from Jaffee. >> Low self-esteem. >> To the turn, it’s an eight of clubs. Jaffee now picks up a couple of draws. The flush draw and a gut shot straight draw.

>> I would of gone with you to dinner but I don’t want to go with the crew. >> 700. >> The whole. >> Another shot from Porter as he bets 700. Jared Jaffee calls. River is another club, a runner, runner, flush for Jaffee.

And he checks again. >> He’s been check calling all the way to the river and now it’s his opportunity to make a raise after Porter bets 1100, and Jaffee bets enough to put Porter all in. And Rep lets his ace king go. And Jared Jaffee turns middle pair on the flop to a winning flush on the river, courtesy of Rep Porter. >> Who stole my chips?

>> When we return, we’ll check out where all of the chips have settled as we are halfway through our second day of cash. Here at Seminole Hard Rock. Poker Night in America is being brought to you by Where the world plays online.

We’ll wrap up the day next time with our final episode of for Paradise Live at Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida. The big winner of the night tonight was Jared Jaffe. Jared won almost $14,000. Mike Laake, making his first appearance as well on Poker Night America. Had a $12,000 winning day, but Rep Porter aye, aye, aye $24,000 loss tonight.

For more from Poker Night in America, log on to or find us Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Where you can see complete episodes as well as the entire unedited live stream from this cash game and others. Also be sure to check out our online store for Poker Night shirts, hats, hoodies, and more. And, you know, there was a lot of big talk about being a tough guy at the table tonight, and so we wanted to let you find out who the manliest man at the table was through the push up contest.

>> Come on, lets go. >> You got a clock to this. >> On three. One, two, three. >> I don’t care.

>> That’s not a push up. [MUSIC]